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Many different types of operations are done at the sites. These operations include the dispensing of raw materials, the granulation or mixing of powder, (the wet and dry granulation processes capability), the compression of tablets, the coating of tablets, the encapsulation into hard gelatin capsules, the compounding of liquid, ointment and cream, the complete analytical testing of raw materials and finished products and the packaging of tablets, liquids, cream, ointments and capsules. Packaging involves filling and labeling into bottles, sachets, and can involve tamper proof closures.

Products are identified during production by their control number and unique lot number. The manufacturing document follows the product until it is released by Q.A.
Only bulk products released by the Q.A. manager can be packaged using released packaging components. Control of weighing and compounding is achieved using 2 persons per operation. Released product and packaging components for 1 lot of product is allowed on a packaging line. This packaging line is cleaned and identified as such before it can be used. Packaging components and products to be packaged are identified and verified prior to commencing a packaging operation. This in-process check includes verification of lot and expiry dates, labels, quantity and seals. Once a product is packaged it is quarantined, identified, released, stored, sampled and computer released by Q.C. /Q.A.
All materials are purchased from qualified vendors. Incoming raw materials and packaging components are quarantined sampled, identified, tested and computer released.

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